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The attachment

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jogging stroller

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Maintain your routine with your baby!

GripJog(tm) 1
Running Outdoors

Patented Engineering GripJogtm allows runners to maintain two hands on their stroller at all times, while allowing for Natural Human body form (pivot of shoulders and hips in natural opposition)


Runners come in all sizes and GripJogtm allows for a wide range of height adjustment allowing for a comfortable run with 2 hands on the stroller at all times!


The body is designed to move!

Don't restrict your natural running form. 

Get the GripJogtm as soon as it comes to market.



Let Your Body Be Your Guide  

According to Runner World Magazine, "If you’re not careful, running with a stroller can do a number on your body (you could wind up hunched over or in a wonky position for mile after mile). Your best bet to feel your best? “Aim to run upright to avoid low back and hamstring injuries and switch arms every 15 minutes to balance the body,” suggests Whitney Heins, a certified running coach, mom, and founder of The Mother Runners, a resource and community for moms who run."

GripJogtm Specifications


4 Point connection

With Quick Cam Locks, attaching to most jogging strollers is a breeze!


2 handed grip at all times

Designed with the body's natural motion in mind.

Water Resistance

Run in any weather


Durable Components

Stylish and well made!

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